Augmented Reality For User Instruction Manual | How AR Create Whole New Way To Guide Customers

Augmented Reality gives new experiences to customer in almost every area of product life cycle, this post explores one of the potential areas of product life cycle in which Augmented reality makes customer’s experience better. This post is about how Augmented Reality gives whole new look to product instruction manual.

Classical user manual contains text and few images generally in black and white or colored in some cases, and these remains untouched for several years, But AR makes them interactive by multiple methods two of them are:

  • AR shows 3D object for guiding user while user scan markup or image available for each step-in step-by-step guide for product installation or setup.
  • AR leverage power of AI using object detection to detect different components of product and gives handholding experience in setup of product or guides customer for first time usage of product.

And many more yet to be explore...

AR based instruction manual suitable for almost every user, who can benefit from step-by-step demonstrations in interactive manner, these types of manual used across multiple sectors from automotive to explain their vehicle features such as Mercedes do, to setup a home appliances or furniture’s as Ikea.

  • Augmented Reality makes this possible along and integration of object recognition capabilities of Artificial intelligence, let’s explore in brief :
    AR uses image based augmented reality concept, there are multiple already existed images in user manual which guides users, AR shows 3D objects over these images when user scan these images they find 3D objects that looks similar to real world object which elaborate about the particular step which is represented by that particular image.
  • Another methodology which uses AR, while user scan object for which instruction manual is prepared then AR webapp/mobileapp/platform scan the object of real world and recognize using image recognition algorithm which uses deep learning to recognize that particular object then AR platfrom overlays the 3D object over detect part ,which gives handholding like experience to user.

AR based product instruction manual displays content in such an interactive manner which helps customer in initial setup, configuration, troubleshooting and regular maintenance that makes customer self-reliant and confident about product.
AR based manual instructions also attract businesses as they also several benefits such as:
It reduces cost and time spend over dispatching technicians at customers door step for initial setup.
Reduces number of queries in customer support section.
Reduces customer dissatisfaction rate due to lack of knowledge about product usage or basic troubleshooting.
Improves customers engagement with product.
Reduce possible downtimes/ and also need to setup traditional geographical centers for regular maintenance .

These are few of benefits for businesses there many more which moves customer experience at next level.

Augmented reality gives forgotten user manual thing a new look which seems interesting and enable customers to explore features of particular product also indulge them to make product more customized for themselves. With this post reaches at end, I hope readers get familiar with Augmented reality-based user manual and find its application in their own space.

Thank you readers !!!



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